Ten-Digit Phone Calls Mandatory in North Mississippi By End of 2021

Ten-digit phone calls will be made mandatory across North Mississippi by the end of 2021 after the creation of a new suicide prevention hotline.

This change will apply to all customers in the 662 area code, who will have to dial the area code before making a call. This is due to the new 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline, which shares the three digits with many phone numbers in the area.

The 662 area is among 82 area codes nationwide that use 988 phone numbers and will have to adopt ten-digit dialing. This will help the hotline recognize when someone is calling for help.

Beginning on April 24, ten-digit calls will be allowed in the area, but any seven-digit call will still go through.

However, after Oct. 24, calls will not be completed if they do not include the 662 area code.

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