Feeding the Economy report details Mississippi’s agricultural impact 

The 2024 Feeding the Economy report was recently released detailing the significant impact of America’s food and agriculture sector to the economy, including a total economic output of $80.5 billion in the state of Mississippi.  The report’s findings show America’s food and agriculture sector as a thriving, integral component of the U.S. economy with economic output growing by more than a trillion dollars since the 2023 report. 

“Agriculture is an economic driver for Mississippi, and it is the backbone of the economies for small communities across the state. The Feeding the Economy report highlights the significant economic impact of Mississippi’s agriculture industry, including its economic contributions to other sectors of the food supply chain,” said Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson. “The numbers are quite impressive and show the importance of our continued efforts to create new market opportunities for agricultural products and grow the agricultural economy even more.”  

The study highlights Mississippi’s strong agriculture industry, which provides 429,077 total jobs with 217,895 being direct-related jobs. Additionally, the industry accounts for $7.16 billion paid in direct wages and $18.18 billion in total wages. More than $1.02 billion of agricultural goods were exported from Mississippi ports. Overall, the food and agriculture industries resulted in a direct output of $34.15 billion and a total output of $80.5 billion.  

The 2024 Food and Agriculture Industries Economic Impact Study estimates the economic contributions made by the food industry to the U.S. economy. For the study, the food industry includes any business involved in food agriculture, food manufacturing, food wholesaling and food retailing. The study measures the number of jobs in food and agriculture related industries, the wages paid to employees, the value added and total output. In addition, the report measures the economic impact of the suppliers that support the food and agriculture industries, as well as those industries supported by the induced spending of direct and supplier industries. 

Visit https://feedingtheeconomy.com/ to view the full report. 

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