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Select Committee on Capital and Metro Revitalization named

July 1 – Mississippi House Speaker Jason White has announced a fourth Select Committee and its appointments to study Capital and Metro Revitalization. 

“The Select Committee on Capital and Metro Revitalization is composed of House members that are passionate and dedicated to improving Mississippi’s Capital City for the betterment of the Jackson Metro Area and our entire state,” White said. “I look forward to this Committee’s work as they seek strategic and innovative ways to improve and partner with the citizens and leadership of the Metro Area, recognizing the unique importance a vibrant Capital City means for all Mississippians.” 

Select Committee on Capital and Metro Revitalization: 

  • CO-CHAIR: Clay Mansell 
  • CO-CHAIR: Shanda Yates 
  • Chris Bell 
  • Lawrence Blackmon 
  • Angela Cockerham 
  • Ronnie Crudup 
  • Jill Ford 
  • Stephanie Foster 
  • Justis Gibbs 
  • Jonathan McMillan 
  • Fabian Nelson 
  • Gene Newman 
  • Brent Powell 
  • Fred Shanks 
  • Lance Varner 
  • Price Wallace 
  • Grace Butler Washington 
  • Lee Yancey 
  • Hank Zuber 

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