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Reeves, Presley campaigns announce fundraising results

They won’t be directly on the ballot for next Tuesday’s primary elections, but Gov. Tate Reeves and Democratic challenger Brandon Presley continued sparring at each other Tuesday regarding success in fundraising. 

Gov. Reeves announced his July fundraising numbers total $309,000 with cash on hand at the end of the month at $9.3 million. The Reeves campaign said the majority of the donations came from Mississippians.  

“Mississippians want four more years of Gov. Reeves’ proven record, and their continued support for his reelection effort reflects that,” said campaign manager Elliott Husbands. “From record job growth to the lowest unemployment in state history, Mississippi is moving in the right direction under Gov. Reeves.”

Presley’s campaign reported a July fundraising total of $1.1 million during the month, causing campaign manager Ron Owens to react. 

“The real Mississippi momentum is behind Brandon Presley’s campaign to bring change to the governor’s office,” Owens said. “This record-breaking fundraising further proves that Mississippians are ready to elect Brandon Presley, who will end corruption, stop Tate Reeves’ healthcare crisis, and cut car tag fees in half.”

Campaign officials stated the $1.1 million was the largest month of fundraising to date. The campaign has raised over $3.4 million total this year and closed out the fundraising period with over $1.5 million cash on hand.

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