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Politicians react to primary results

Here’s a scattering of reactions from state officials and politicians received after Tuesday’s general election in Mississippi.  

Gov. Tate Reeves: 

“I am truly honored that Mississippi Republicans have once again put their trust in me to lead our Party in this year’s Governor’s race,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “Mississippi has momentum, and now is the time to unite as a state to keep that going into this year’s general election.”

Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Director Andre Wagner:

“Over the past four years, Tate Reeves has made it clear he is too focused on enriching his lobbyist friends, himself, and his cronies while Mississippians pay the price. He is entangled in the largest public corruption scandal in Mississippi history and will have to answer for his role in $77 million of Mississippians’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars wasted on his watch. Reeves’ refusal to expand Medicaid is shutting down hospitals, killing jobs, and endangering the health of working Mississippians every single day. As Mississippians deal with the rising costs of groceries, he hasn’t done a thing to lower the grocery tax for working families – despite neighboring Republican governors in Alabama and Tennessee cutting the grocery tax. This November, Mississippians will kick Tate Reeves to the curb because they are ready for a governor who will finally fight corruption, cut taxes, and expand access to healthcare.”

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann:

“Our Republican Party is broad and far reaching — and the fresh air of leadership fans our policy. We are not stale or static. We are evolving, solving, and shaping the future. Tonight, you have allowed me to continue that journey. Lynn and I thank you for this honor. We will always work to bring Mississippians together — and make our State an even better place for our children and grandchildren.”

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Greta Kemp Martin:

“As a lifelong Mississippian, born and raised in Tishomingo County, I am humbled to be my party’s official nominee for Attorney General. My opponent has neglected her duties as Attorney General for four years while she has supported extremist ideologies and candidates around the country, and, quite frankly, Mississippians deserve better.

“The rest of the country is watching Mississippi and this election. Right now, we have an Attorney General who is completely disconnected from the realities of Mississippians and the real, important duties of her office. She’s the state’s chief prosecutor, yet she’s looked the other way as millions of TANF dollars have been stolen from those who need it most by her Republican friends, donors, and even NFL quarterbacks.

“As our rural hospitals crumble, our state leadership is refusing to expand Medicaid. And, after pushing the Dobbs decision through the US Supreme Court, our Attorney General is attempting to track and criminalize people’s private medical records in other states. 

“Almost every week, a news story highlights her failings, from not investigating campaign finance violations, not investigating officer-involved shootings, not protecting live-saving vaccine mandates, not helping her fellow statewide elected officials enforce the law. The list goes on and on and enough is enough.

“Mississippi’s elected leaders, including our current Attorney General, are failing our state. I’m running to get this office back on track, following the law, and serving the people of Mississippi.”

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney:

“It is an honor to be the Republican nominee for Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal,” Chaney said.  “I look forward to continuing my protection of consumers, regulating the insurance industry, and improving first responder and firefighter training.  I will continue to address improvements in access to health care and health insurance.”

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