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Presley for Governor announces Healthcare Professionals for Presley 

Credit: Presley for Governor information

Healthcare professionals from across the state recently gathered to show support for Brandon Presley’s Campaign for Governor in Greenville. 

Mississippi is currently facing a healthcare crisis under Tate Reeves’ leadership, and this coalition, Healthcare Professionals for Presley, is committed to ensuring Mississippi has a governor that will fight to make healthcare affordable so Mississippians can get the healthcare they need and keep Mississippi’s hospitals open. 

These leaders join the Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA) in supporting Presley because they know he will fight for the health and well-being of all Mississippians. 

“We’re glad to have the support of healthcare workers from counties across the state who are seeing their hospitals struggle to keep the lights on and their patients suffer,” Presley said. “As governor, I’ll fight to expand Medicaid so we can keep our hospitals open, provide healthcare to 220,000 working Mississippians, and create thousands of good-paying jobs.”

“Healthcare professionals are looking for a governor who will have their back and Brandon Presley is the leader we need who will fix our healthcare crisis, keep hospitals open and provide affordable healthcare to 220,000 working Mississippians,” said Dr. Fred Kency of Jackson. “For too long, our hospitals have struggled to keep the lights on and many healthcare professionals have felt that Tate Reeves has left us to fend for ourselves. With Brandon Presley as governor, we can have a partner who will treat us with respect and help keep Mississippians healthy.”

Leaders who joined Healthcare Professionals for Presley include, but are not limited to:

David Dykes, Long Beach

Shannon Lewis, Madison

Dr. Martha Morrow, Starkville

Amber Smith-Bush, Madison

Jerry Smith, Madison

Dr. Fred Kency, Jackson

Carla Smith, Madison

Dr. Keith Mansel, Jackson

Dr. John Studdard, Jackson

Dr. Tammy Taylor-Bufford, Southaven

Andrea Walker, Oxford

Dr. John Gaudet, Hattiesburg

Walter Taylor, Oxford

Presley has unveiled his healthcare plan, which will expand Medicaid, lower prescription drug costs and save rural hospitals.

The plan will:

  • Expand Medicaid to provide affordable healthcare to 220,000 Mississippians and keep our hospitals open; 
  • Create a website where Mississippians can compare health insurance and prescription drug costs so you can make the best healthcare choices for your family; 
  • Appoint a Director of Medicaid who is a career healthcare professional, not a career political hack, to administer the largest healthcare programs in the state;
  • Create a drug pricing affordability board that would require mandatory reporting from pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy benefit managers about drug pricing mechanisms.

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