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Pinkins challenges Wicker to Neshoba County Fair debate

July 9 – Ty Pinkins, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate has formally challenged incumbent Republican Sen. Roger Wicker to a debate at the historic Neshoba County Fair. The proposed debate is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31 and aims to continue the Fair’s long-standing tradition of political discourse and public engagement.

In a letter to Sen. Wicker, Pinkins highlighted the significance of the Neshoba County Fair as a platform for political candidates to present their visions and engage with the citizens of Mississippi. Pinkins emphasized the importance of a debate in providing voters with a clear understanding of the candidates’ positions on critical issues facing the state and the nation.

“The Neshoba County Fair has a proud tradition of hosting significant political debates,” Pinkins wrote, citing notable debates such as the 1928 U.S. Senate race debate, the 1995 gubernatorial debate, and the 2002 congressional debate. “In keeping with this tradition, I believe that a debate between us at the Neshoba County Fair would provide an excellent opportunity for voters to hear firsthand our positions on the critical issues facing Mississippi and our nation.”

Pinkins expressed confidence that the debate would be well-received by the public and media alike, offering a transparent and informative forum for discussing the policies and principles that will shape Mississippi’s future. He also underscored the importance of engaging with the electorate and respecting the democratic process.

“I respectfully request that you accept this challenge and join me in this important civic exercise,” Pinkins urged in his letter to Sen. Wicker. “The people of Mississippi deserve nothing less than a full and open discussion of the issues that affect their lives.”

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