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Pinkins campaign challenges Wicker to debate 

Ty Pinkins campaign news release

Following his victory in the primary elections, Ty Pinkins, candidate for the U.S. Senate, has issued a bold challenge to incumbent Senator Roger Wicker for a series of debates. Emphasizing the importance of direct dialogue and accountability in political leadership, Pinkins has challenged Senator Wicker to four debates to be held across each of Mississippi’s four congressional districts. 

In his victory speech, Pinkins made it clear that he is eager to engage with Senator Wicker on the critical issues facing Mississippians. “I invite Senator Wicker to meet me any place, anytime to debate,” Pinkins declared, outlining his vision for an open, accessible, and engaging political discourse over the next eight months leading up to the general election on November 5th. 

Furthermore, Pinkins extended an invitation to institutions across Mississippi’s four congressional districts, encouraging them to host these pivotal debates. “Any institution within Mississippi’s four congressional districts that wants to facilitate this crucial exchange of ideas, invite us. I will be there, ready to discuss how we can move Mississippi forward together,” Pinkins stated. 

This challenge comes at a critical time for Mississippi, with many pressing issues at the forefront of the national conversation. Pinkins is committed to addressing these challenges head-on and believes that these debates will offer voters the clarity they need to make an informed decision in November. 

The Pinkins campaign eagerly awaits Senator Wicker’s response to this debate challenge and hopes he will join in committing to a transparent and informative electoral process. It is an opportunity for the people of Mississippi to witness a respectful and substantive discussion on the future of their state. 

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