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Fitch makes comments at the Neshoba County Fair

Attorney General Lynn Fitch Wednesday spoke at the Neshoba County Fair. Fitch’s office provided a script of her prepared remarks as follows:

Good morning!

Thank you for being here. It is always a pleasure to be at the Neshoba County Fair. And I want to thank the great team that organizes this event each year!

Thank you for investing in our State.

It is in an honor to serve as your Attorney General. I have the privilege of serving with an incredible team. 

When I took office in 2020, we immediately set out to restructure the Attorney General’s Office to better meet the needs of our State. 

We prioritized forging strong partnerships with critical stakeholders, like Law Enforcement, Mississippi businesses, and most importantly, you, the people, the taxpayers of Mississippi.

It is our job to serve and to protect. 

We set out to utilize every tool at our disposal to maximize positive impacts for the people of this state by investigating crime, prosecuting criminals to obtain justice, and supporting the victims of crime. 

We are taking down criminals. We are putting them away. And we are making Mississippi safer for you.

We are also bringing civil lawsuits to protect your interests, defending the duly enacted laws of this State against federal government overreach, and empowering you to Be The Solution in the fight against some of our greatest challenges, like trafficking, the opioid epidemic, and protecting our children.

I need you to be a part of the solution.

Together, we must stand strong with one another and provide a unified front.

As we work together, we make a positive difference, and we work toward the best days for Mississippi.

Together, we must support our law enforcement. Our men and women in uniform keep us safe and secure. They keep our communities safer. It is right for us to Back the Blue.

Together, we must support the families who have been impacted by crime.

We are getting justice done for those who lost their loved ones to capital criminals. They have waited far too long for the closure we are finally giving them. 

We are connecting crime victims with the services that help them become survivors with dignity and hope. 

We are enabling the creation of the programs and shelters that support the victims of human trafficking, so that they can begin to rebuild their lives without shame or blame.

Together, we are working with Mississippi businesses to make our economy stronger, to build greater opportunities for Mississippians, to keep our young adults in Mississippi, and to create the pathway to Mississippi’s brightest future.

Together, we are taking on Big Tech. 

We will not allow Mississippians to be censored. We will not allow Big Tech to protect pedophiles, scammers, traffickers, and other criminals who use these platforms to prey on the vulnerable. And we will not allow social media companies to profit off the harm they do to our children’s mental health and wellbeing – harm they know they have created.

Together, we are taking on Big Pharma, too. For the sake of outrageous profit, they have put the lives of millions at risk. 

Diabetics across Mississippi who need insulin to live have been forced to choose: pay rent or buy insulin, ration insulin over time rather than taking it when they need to, buy potentially dangerous insulin from across the border, or use expired insulin. 

They should not have to put their lives at risk because insulin manufacturers want to turn an outrageous profit. No one should ever be forced to make that choice. So, we’ve taken Big Pharma to court. 

And we’ve taken the PBMs – pharmacy benefit managers – to court, too. They have distorted our health care system – not just for diabetics, but for all of us. While they reap extreme profits – profits leveraged off all of us –

Mississippians suffer. 

It is just not right, and we will continue to fight until we change the system.

It has been an honor to work for you since 2020 as your Attorney General.

We have had many successes and accomplishments, and I would like to achieve many more with my team on your behalf.

I took an oath to serve, protect and uphold the laws of our State,

and I am asking for your vote and support to continue as your Attorney General.

We have work ahead of us together! 

I will defend your rights as parents to direct your children’s upbringing. You should be invested in your children’s school. You should be involved in your children’s school curriculum and activities. And you should not be treated like a terrorist for doing so. We will come forward with a Parents’ Bill of Rights.

I will also defend the rights of women and promote a Women’s Bill of Rights.

This Administration is redefining what it means to be a woman, and it is to the detriment of women. They seek to deny our daughters and granddaughters their own bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams. Even domestic violence shelters are at risk. 

It’s 2023. We should not need a Parents’ Bill of Rights, we should not need a Women’s Bill of Rights. But we do, and I will champion both of these.

Finally, in this new Dobbs era, now is the time to act. We must work together to make quality childcare more affordable and accessible, to promote workplace flexibilities, to improve child support enforcement, to give young mothers the resources, upskilling, and support so they and their families can thrive together. And critically, we need to work together to fix broken foster care and adoption systems.

With your support, we have transformed the office of Mississippi’s Attorney General into an action-oriented, premier law firm. We operate on strong principles and smart legal practices. With your continued support, we will continue to operate at the highest level of excellence, and serve as your Guardians of the Rule of Law. 

It is an honor to work with you. Thank you for believing in our great state.

God bless you!

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