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Democrats seek Fitch recusal, boycott of State Fair 

Mississippi Democrats want Attorney General Lynn Fitch to step aside and recuse herself from an investigation into welfare fraud, because Fitch attended a recent rally in favor of former President Donald Trump that was attended by former Gov. Phil Bryant.  

Republicans, led by Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson, recently held a rally endorsing Trump’s candidacy for the upcoming presidential election, despite his conviction on 34 charges of falsification of business records, a first degree felony.  

“It is deeply disturbing to see our state leaders rallying behind a convicted criminal,” said Cheikh Taylor, Chair of the Mississippi Democratic Party on Tuesday. “Their actions not only undermine the rule of law but also send a dangerous message that criminal behavior can be excused if it aligns with political loyalty.”

Taylor is a state representative from Starkville.  He said Fitch’s appearance at the same rally with Bryant questions her integrity, since Bryant has been implicated in the scandal involving the misappropriation of welfare funds intended for vulnerable Mississippians. 

The case is about the alleged funneling of money to high-profile figures, including former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

In light of Fitch’s evident bias and her proximity to Bryant, the Mississippi Democratic Party demands that she immediately recuse herself from the entire investigation involving the welfare scandal, including any investigations related to former Gov. Bryant. 

“Fitch’s demonstrated bias in favor of Donald Trump raises serious concerns about her ability to impartially conduct investigations, especially those involving high-profile political figures,” a news release from the state Democratic party. 

“Attorney General Fitch’s close association with Phil Bryant at this event further undermines public trust,” Taylor said. “We must ensure that investigations are conducted fairly and without bias.”

The Democratic party also announced its plans to boycott the State Fair this year, since Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson put the Trump rally together.  

The Clarion-Ledger Tuesday reported that some Jackson-area legislators said they were upset with the Democratic Party call for a boycott. Approximately 500,000 visitors and a $30 million economic impact to the capital city comes from the State Fair each year.  

Fitch has not issued a statement on the Democrats’ call for recusal from the welfare scandal investigation.

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