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100 students sent home from Mississippi high school after teacher shows symptoms

100 students were sent home from a Mississippi high school after a teacher was showing symptoms on Tuesday, according to the district.

From Gulfport school district:

The Gulfport School District believes in being transparent with our stakeholder communication. We want you to know that today we were advised that a Gulfport High School staff member is exhibiting mild symptoms of COVID-19. The parents of the students affected have been contacted.

The person has not tested positive and is going to get testing today. However, following the Gulfport School District’s strict COVID-19 protocols, we are sending the teacher and their students home for a 14-day quarantine.

Students have distanced and worn masks in the class, as has the teacher at all times. The only mask exception is during lunch and that is only while eating. The approximately 100 students will receive virtual instruction during the time they are at home. I

f the teacher tests negative the students may return to class. Students are not showing any symptoms. Only one teacher is showing mild symptoms. We are following the protocols and acting out of an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe.

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