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Hattiesburg Homeowner Fights Off Would Be Robber During Home Invasion

Homeowner Fights Off Intruder in Dramatic Home Invasion

Date: January 23, 2024

Hattiesburg, MS – A Hattiesburg homeowner displayed courage and resilience during a home invasion on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, in the 400 block of Mable Street. The incident unfolded when Cody Daniel Johnson, a 39-year-old resident of Hattiesburg, broke into the residence.

Upon responding to a distress call, Hattiesburg Police discovered that Johnson had entered the home and confronted the homeowner, demanding money. In a harrowing turn of events, the victim fought back, successfully forcing Johnson out of the house. The assailant fled the scene on foot.

Law enforcement officers located Johnson a short distance from the residence, where he was found with a laceration on his forehead. He was promptly transported to a local hospital for treatment before being taken into custody.

After being discharged from the hospital, Johnson now faces charges of home invasion and aggravated assault. He has been booked into the Forrest County Jail, awaiting further legal proceedings related to the incident. The homeowner’s brave actions serve as a testament to the resilience of the local community in the face of criminal threats.

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