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Pair of students with weapons detained at Corinth Middle School

A pair of studnets with weapons were detained at Corinth Middle School according to a release from the District.

From the Release:

Corinth School District
Official Statement
October 21, 2020

This afternoon, Corinth Middle School administrators received a report that a student was in possession of a weapon.

The Corinth Police Department was contacted and administrators immediately went to
detain the student. The student fled the campus. Corinth Police detained the student and recovered a weapon.

A further investigation revealed the possibility of an additional weapon on campus. Administrators detained another student and recovered an additional weapon. The Corinth Police took custody Of both students and transported them to the Corinth police Department.

Corinth Middle School staff, administrators and thc Corinth Police Dcparuncnt arc to bc
commended for their prompt and professional rcsponsc to the situation. The Corinth Police Department is now in charge Of the investigation.

The Corinth School District is committed to providing safe and orderly schools for all of our
children. Officers will continue to have a strong prcscncc on Corinth School District campuses.

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