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Itta Bena Faces Citywide Power Disconnection

Citizens of Itta Bena currently face the threat of citywide power disconnection.

The threat comes due to The City of Itta Bena Electric Department’s failure to pay the wholesale electric provider.

If processed, some 800 citizens could be disconnected from power on December 1.

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley has pledged to make sure the city has a new provider by the date of discontinued service.

A full statement from Presley can be read below.

The City of Itta Bena Electric Dept. has failed to pay their wholesale electric provider and face citywide disconnection on 12/1. City electric departments are NOT under the jurisdiction of the PSC, therefore this failure falls on the city elected officials who haven’t paid.

Nonetheless, it’s my duty to ensure that the 800 customers continue to have service. Therefore, I’ll be calling a hearing in the next ten days between city leaders, @EntergyMS, @Delta_EPA to get a solution and hopefully get a new provider as soon as possible.

Also, I appreciate @shadwhite and his staff for working with us during this process since these are public dollars and the system is owned by the people of Itta Bena. Hopefully, together we can work out a solution that protects the taxpayers and keeps service to customers.”

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