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Presley releases first plank of campaign ethics plan 

Photo: Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley announces the first part of his ethics plan on the State Capitol steps in Jackson on Tuesday, May 16. (Courtesy photo)

At an announcement on the steps of the Mississippi State Capitol, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brandon Presley released the first plank of an ethics plan to take on giant corporations and lobbyists and clean up what he said is Gov. Tate Reeves’ corruption.

“As governor, I will tell the special interests, lobbyists, and good ol’ boys that the party is over,” said Presley. “We’re going to make the big campaign check writers mad because you deserve a governor who will fight to put the government back on the side of working families, not the giant corporations – and that starts with declaring war on corruption.” 

Presley’s plan includes the following: 

  • Banning the unlimited gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers and elected officials from the governor all the way down to stop the unlimited flow of special interest money to state officials and require weekly gift and lobbying disclosure forms; 
  • Placing limits on the currently unlimited flow of campaign contributions from individuals and political action committees and banning direct contributions from corporations;
  • Banning state officeholders and candidates for state office from accepting contributions during any legislative session;
  • Stopping the revolving door from state government into lobbying firms by implementing a 1-year waiting period for former government officials to lobby the state legislature and for lobbyists to join the state government;
  • Increasing fines and penalties for politicians that violate ethics and campaign finance laws; 
  • Expanding the Mississippi open meetings law to include the Legislature, state elected officials, and hold every state agency responsible for timely public records request responses;
  • Reauthorizing the Public Records Act permanently.

“Tate Reeves won’t tackle corruption because the corrupt, business-as-usual politics has benefitted him and his campaign,” said Presley. “I’ll declare war on corruption on day one so we can have a state government that Mississippi can be proud of – a government that works for people like my mama.” 

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