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Mississippi businesses getting automatic $2000 grants, others can apply for up to $25,000

The legislature in Mississippi voted to approve grants for Missisisppi businesses late Wednesday night. All together, the grant programs are for $300 million in two seperate programs that area available to impacted businesses.

Some will get automatic help now while others can apply for business relieft if they were impacted by COVID19.

The Small Business relief fund provides direct payments of $2000 to businesses closed by federal, state or local government. You do not have to apply for these funds. They are available for roughly 30,000 businesses in a set number of industries.

The other program is the Back to Business Grant program. The remaining $240 million for this program will go to businesses that have incurred unexpected expenses from the virus. $40 million of these funds are ear marked for minority-owned or disadvantaged businesses. These businesses will have to apply for these fuds with the MDA. These payments will range from $1,500 to $25,000.

Below is an outline of the programs and the eligible businesses for the direct payments from Senator Rita Parks.

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