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March Lottery scratch-off games bring nostalgia and fun prizes

Green for Spring cash promotion next drawing March 6

Credit: Mississippi Lottery

Three new scratch-off games full of nostalgia and winnings are heading to Lottery retailers, starting Tuesday, March 7.

SKEE-BALL®, a new $3 scratch-off game, leads the charge and brings back memories of rolling the ball and counting winning tickets to collect a prize. Instead of visiting an arcade, Mississippi Lottery players can enjoy playing the scratch-off game anywhere. 

  • $2—Fat Wallet: Approximate overall odds are 1:4.89. Win up to $20,000.
  • $3—SKEE-BALL®: Approximate overall odds are 1:4.21. Win up to $40,000.
  • $5—Ruby 7: Approximate overall odds are 1:3.86. Win up to $77,000.

Green for Spring

The next drawing for the Lottery’s Green for Spring promotion occurs March 6.

Prizes for each drawing include: $15,000 top prize; $10,000 for second prize; $7,500 for third prize; $5,000 for fourth prize and $4,000 for fifth prize.

Entry forms are available by scanning QR codes at play centers, retailer check-out screens, Lottery TV commercials and from special parade throws at the Hal’s St. Paddy’s Parade in Jackson March 25. Additionally, Mississippi Lottery Insiders will receive a link every week to enter. All methods of entry direct players to the current draw date’s entry form.

SKEE-BALL® is a registered trademark of Bay Tek Entertainment, Inc. used under license. All rights reserved.

March scratch off games

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