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MALTB Investigators Recover Stolen Trailer in Louisiana

The Mississippi Agriculture and Livestock Theft Bureau (MALTB) recovered a stolen 32-foot trailer Feb. 1 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during an ongoing investigation that began in December.

The Jackson Police Department took a report of a stolen 32-foot gooseneck equipment trailer Dec. 26, 2023. The equipment trailer was stolen from a closed business in Jackson during the Christmas holidays. The Mississippi Agriculture and Livestock Theft Bureau was asked to assist in the investigation due to the possibility of being tied to an out-of-state theft ring.

Two suspects were identified during the investigation. As the investigation continued, the equipment trailer was determined to be located outside of the state, most likely in Louisiana. MALTB investigators reached out to Louisiana authorities for assistance and were able to locate and recover the stolen gooseneck equipment trailer.


One suspect in possession of the trailer at the time of recovery was arrested by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office. The suspect, identified as Michael Eugene Littlejohn, was charged with possession of stolen property. This is an open and ongoing criminal investigation with additional arrests expected.

MALTB Director, Dean Barnard, thanks the MALTB investigators along with the Jackson Police Department, the Capitol Police Department, the Richland Police Department, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, and the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office for their efforts to recover the stolen equipment.

The Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau, the law enforcement division of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, enforces state laws pertaining to the theft of cattle, horses, swine, poultry, fish, farm equipment, chemicals, timber and all other farm or agriculture-related crimes. Visit http://msagtheft.org/ to learn more about the MALTB. To report or provide information regarding an agricultural crime, call (800) 678-2660.

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