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Gipson qualifies for reelection

This week, Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson qualified for reelection for another term and issued the following statement:

To My Friends and Supporters, the Good People of Mississippi –

This is to announce that on January 3, 2023, after much consideration and prayer, I officially qualified for re-election to office as your Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce. I, Andy Gipson, humbly ask for your continued support and your vote to further the good work we’ve begun the last five years since I began serving as your Commissioner. I am a proven conservative Republican with a proven record as a hard worker getting proven results for Mississippi agriculture and the people of our State. For many years I have stood and fought – and won – for our conservative values in the Legislature; for what we believe in. As Commissioner I’m still doing that, and I’m still fighting and advocating for the strength and values of Mississippi’s greatest industry, agriculture. Together with our excellent team at the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, we are getting solid results leading into the future for the next generation of Mississippi farmers, ranchers and landowners.

Those results include actively and boldly promoting Agriculture as the backbone of our economy; keeping agriculture and our rural economies moving ahead despite COVID, expanding Mississippi’s access to local foods, strengthening our local supply chains by expanding local meat processing, supporting our local farmers through our #GenuineMS program, supporting our youth livestock programs and leadership development, starting the first Ag-Department-led Wild Hog Control Program, creating the Department’s first Ag workforce development program, opening more doors of opportunity for our young people, bringing more and better Ag-related jobs to Mississippi, seeing new wood mills open across the State, and expanding new markets for our Ag commodities and timber through international trade. And, when many States chose to shut down their youth livestock and horse show programs during the pandemic, we chose to keep going and have seen our Mississippi programs grow. We’ve renovated and restored the Mississippi Ag and Forestry Museum to better educate our children about the importance of supporting farmers. We have grown the High Street Mississippi Farmers Market to full capacity during the growing season, and renovated that building as well. We also built a Trade Mart and renovated the Coliseum, in addition to making multiple livestock facilities improvements along the way. We finished a series of improvements to the Kirk Fordice Equine Center. We even drilled a well and built a multi-agency law enforcement task force on the Fairgrounds to make sure our programs continue to grow.

In all these ways, and more, with our strong committed team at MDAC we are getting results for Mississippi Agriculture and Commerce each and every day.

But the fact of the matter is, we are just getting started. With your support, over the next four years I have an even bolder vision to implement for the future of Mississippi agriculture, forestry, our State’s local food supply, and our most valuable asset – our young people who make up Mississippi’s youth livestock and horse programs in all 82 counties. Working together and with the support of the Legislature I have no doubt we can accomplish our goals and position Mississippi as a leader on all these fronts.

Leslie, our four children and I would be so very honored to have yours and your family’s support, your prayers, and your vote in 2023. We want you on our team! Thank you, and may God bless you.

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