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Belhaven University to Offer Free Education Towards Master’s Degree

This morning, Belhaven University announced that they will be offering full tuition scholarships to any of its traditional students towards any online master’s degree program.

University President Dr. Roger Parrott is proud of the innovation the university is showing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the midst of this dramatic rise in COVID-19 infections, we cannot operate in normal ways and expect a good outcome. I’m thrilled we can be the only university in America responding to COVID-19 with such an innovative solution that will propel our students academically and in their future careers.”

The scholarship will be rewarded to freshman, transfers, and returning students who enroll for the fall semester’s traditional campus program. The student must also stay enrolled every semester as a full-time, traditional campus student until they graduate from Belhaven.

Classes at Belhaven University begin on August 24.

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