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Pinkins connects with college students, introduces Student Ambassador Program

Photo: U.S. Senate candidate Ty Pinkins meets with students during College and High School Day event at the State Capitol. (Courtesy photo)

U.S. Senate candidate Ty Pinkins recently met with college and university students at the State Capitol during the College and High School Day event. This event allowed Pinkins to interact with young Mississippians, emphasizing the significance of their involvement in the political process.

Pinkins, a Democrat, is in the midst of his election campaign against Republican U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker.

Among the students Pinkins met were Calvin Wood from Ole Miss, Terry Rogers from Jones Community College, and Tiffany Edmondson, a Doctoral Student at Jackson State University. Pinkins stressed the importance of student engagement in shaping the future of Mississippi and the nation, urging them to participate actively in the upcoming election.

At the gathering, Pinkins introduced the Student Ambassador Program (SAP) as part of the Ty Pinkins for U.S. Senate campaign. SAP aims to engage and mobilize the 18-25 age group in voting through political involvement. By establishing student ambassadors at colleges and universities statewide, the program adopts a youth-oriented approach to boost voter participation.

Ty Pinkins’ interaction with college students and the initiation of the Student Ambassador Program demonstrate a dedicated push to mobilize young voters and ensure their voices are represented in politics. As the election approaches, Pinkins remains devoted to fostering a culture of political engagement and driving positive change in Mississippi.

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