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Hosemann receives BIPEC re-election endorsement

Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann has received another endorsement in his re-election campaign, as the Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC), which represents business and industry leaders in Mississippi, has endorsed Hosemann.

“Delbert has personal experience running a business and he has always brought this knowledge to the legislative arena, first as Secretary of State and also in his first term as Lt. Governor,” said BIPEC President and Chief Executive Officer Derek Easley. “He has used this knowledge to make it easier to start and maintain a business in Mississippi. We applaud his administration’s efforts and look forward to a second term.”

Hosemann notes that the Mississippi Senate cut the income tax by $525 million without raising any taxes. This will result in a flat income tax rate of four percent in 2026. 

Hosemann also oversaw passage of legislation otherwise making the tax code more favorable for businesses, such as allowing a full and immediate deduction on equipment rather than depreciation.

“We have worked hard to champion the interests of our businesses, increase opportunities for workforce training, and otherwise make Mississippi an attractive place to open or expand,” Hosemann said. “We are thankful for BIPEC’s endorsement.”   

Hosemann is being challenged on the Republican side by State Sen. Chris McDaniel, Shane Quick, and Tiffany Longino on the Republican side and D. Ryan Grover on the Democratic side.  

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