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David Cox is set to be executed for a terrible crime. He may hold the secret to another unsolved murder.

David Cox was convicted of a brutal and unspeakable crime in 2012. For that, he is set to be the first Mississippi inmate to die by lethal injection since 2012.

He plead guilty to charges that he killed his wife, Kim, in 2010 in the northern Mississippi town of Shannon. Cox shot his wife twice and then sexually assaulted his stepdaughter in front of a dying Kim Cox while police negotiators and relatives pleaded for her life, according to court documents.

Prior to killing his wife, Cox was accused of raping his step-daughter. While incarcerated for those chrarges, he repeatedly told his cell mates that when he got out, he was going to kill Kim.

After his release, he took Kim, his stepdaughter and his own child hostage. According to court documents, While Kim lay dying, Cox sexually assaulted his stepdaughter in Kim’s presence on three separate occasions. When police negotiators spoke with Cox to impore him to release Kim and the hostages for medical treatment, Cox said “since you’re so interested in her, I want you to hear her beg before she dies.”

David Cox is set to die on November 17th of this year via lethal injection.

David Cox may hold the answers that another family so desperately seeks.

Cox sister in law, Felicia Warren Cox, went missing in 2007 in the Randolph Community in Pontotoc County. All that was found was her abandoned vehicle along with medicine left in the vehicle that her family says she would have never left. The last person to see her alive was David Cox.

Felicia Cox daughter, Amber Miskelly, believes David Cox holds the key to what happened to her mother 14 years ago.

“I have thought he may have [killed Felicia Cox] or at least knows what happened and where her body is for sure,” Miskelly said.

According to Miskelly, David Cox has told authorities that if he told where Felicia’s remains were that they had to get a judge to sign off on making sure his execution date didn’t change because of it.

In the words of David Cox, he considers himself “worthy of death” and doesn’t want to delay his execution any further. Cox wrote to the chief justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court in August 2018 saying he wanted to fire his lawyers, relinquish all appeals and get an execution date. The Supreme Court took that into consideration when they issued an execution date for him.

Miskelly was told that execution would take place next year sometime, allowing time for Cox to work with investigators to get information on where her mother’s remains are and what happened in 2007. That execution has been moved up to next month.

She says that Cox could give her and her family closure for this. She hopes she gets the answers she deserves before it is too late, and hopes the Mississippi courts and prison system does everything in their power to get any information that David Cox may have before he dies.

Below are all of the details available for the disappearance of Felicia Cox. If you have any information, please bring it forward.

  • Missing Since07/02/2007
  • Missing FromPontotoc County, Mississippi
  • ClassificationEndangered Missing
  • SexFemale
  • RaceWhite
  • Date of Birth12/27/1966 (54)
  • Age40 years old
  • Height and Weight5’4, 120 pounds
  • Medical ConditionsCox was taking medication at the time of her disappearance for unspecified reasons; she does not have the medicine with her.
  • Distinguishing CharacteristicsCaucasian female. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Cox may use the last names Warren and/or Weathery. She has a tattoo on her right leg.

Cox was last seen in the Piney Grove area of Pontotoc County, Mississippi on July 2, 2007. She has never been heard from again.

After her disappearance, her copper-colored 1999 Chevrolet Blazer was found abandoned on Waldo Road near Randolph Community. Photographs of it are posted with this case summary. It was locked and Cox’s purse and her medication were inside. She normally kept her medicine with her at all times.

Few details are available in Cox’s case, which remains unsolved.

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