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World News: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un reportedly dies after heart surgery

According to multiple media reports, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly died after heart surgery.

A vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television, a Beijing-backed broadcast network in Hong Kong, claimed that Kim was dead, citing a “very solid source.” Her post on the Chinese messaging app Weibo has been shared widely on social media.

From TMZ, who is also reporting the death:

heart surgery gone wrong.

The outlet reports — citing a Chinese medical expert privy to the situation — that Kim had clutched his chest in early April and fell down while visiting the countryside there. He needed a stent procedure done, but apparently … it either wasn’t done rapidly enough, or it was botched completely by the surgeon — with some reports saying he had shaky hands.

The dictator has been the leader of North Korea since 2011. His grandfather was the Supreme Leader of North Korea from 1948 until his death.

The death of Un leads many to beleive there will be greater instability in the far east.

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