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Tips to use this time to declutter your home

Studies show that clutter negatively impacts mental well-being, particularly in women. With most of the country practicing shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic, why not use this time to reduce your stress and declutter your home.

Buckle up, because for some this can be quite an overwhelming task.

Most people find themselves wondering where to even begin. Below is a broken down step-by-step approach to make the process as easy as possible!

First, the most IMPORTANT rule to remember is to take this just one room at a time. If that itself is even too daunting, then pick one section of the room to start with. You will need several baskets/containers for these five purposes: “Put Away”, “Throw Away”, “Recycle”, “Fix/Mend”, and “Donate”. Take everything out of the room/section of room, and designate items to their appropriate basket as you go along. As far as putting things back into the room, try to ONLY keep things you actually use or that “spark joy” as Marie Kondo, an expert de-clutterer would say.

Take breaks as needed. If you find yourself becoming exhausted or burned out, take a breather. Use a few minutes to relax, eat a snack, read, and then come back to your task.

Set goals! A good goal would be to plan to complete one room per day. This gives you a reachable accomplishment to look forward to and feel good about. Get your whole family involved to make the de-cluttering process faster and easier.

Once complete, reward yourselves with a fun treat or experience like a picnic outside for the whole family or maybe doing a game or movie night as a reward for all the hard work. Times are hard right now. A clean and decluttered house makes everyone feel better! So why not start today?

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