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Surgeon General Opposed to Reopening Schools in Current Condition

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams stated today that the United States will need to lower the transmission rate of COVID-19 before schools can safely reopen.

“What I want people to know is the biggest determinant of whether or not we can go back to school actually has little to nothing to do with the actual schools – it’s your background transmission rate. And it’s why we’ve told people constantly that if we want to get back to school, to worship, to regular life – folks need to wear face coverings, folks need to practice social distancing. Those public health measures are actually what’s going to lower the transmission rate.”

Adams believes this to be imperative in protecting children and teachers from contracting the virus, which will lead to more spread at home with friends and family.

“We know the risk is low to the actual students. But we know they can transmit to others. … We need to take measures to make sure we protect those who are vulnerable either because they are older or they have chronic medical conditions.”

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