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Republicans Discussing Extension of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Reports have surfaced that the Trump administration is discussing a short-term extension of boosted unemployment benefits that have stemmed from massive COVID-related layoffs, which was set to expire this Friday.

Republicans have long stood against extending these benefits as to not persuade the average American to not return to work due to lower pay from employment than unemployment.

If this extension comes to pass, it would be just one of the many democratic desires that has come to pass. Democrats are also looking for more virus testing, state funding, and housing eviction protections.

Republicans have desired to keep the second coronavirus relief package under the $1 trillion mark. Meanwhile, democrats grow tired of waiting for a solution after passing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion package that died in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is drafting a stimulus proposal to begin talks with democrats and finalize a bill to help states and the public. McConnell is pushing for much relief to be directed at school districts to help reopen next month.

One thought on “Republicans Discussing Extension of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

  • When are they going to fund those of us that they deemed Essential while people sitting at home making twice their average weekly pay? The Essential businesses were told to remain open so people could get “Essentials” if needed. We are on the front line of this “Pandemic” everyday “Risking” our health so those that lost their jobs can live happy at home doing nothing. Both parties need to be showing gratitude for the “Essential Workers”. It is not the employers responsibilty to pay our hazard pay. If “Essential” employees all went on strike, this country would be screwed. If the Republicans give in to the Dems on this, I will not be voting in November.


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