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Over $2 billion toward transportation and infrastructure improvements

Gov. Tate Reeves has signed House Bill 1642 and Senate Bill 3120 which invest historic levels of funding toward the Mississippi Department of Transportation and infrastructure improvement projects across the state.

“This major investment by the state into our roads, bridges, airports, and other critical infrastructure will help grow Mississippi’s economy and create jobs,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “I’d like to thank the legislature for answering my call to commit a major investment toward infrastructure improvement and expansion projects across the state. We’re doing what it takes to attract more businesses and jobs to Mississippi.”

House Bill 1642 authorizes over $1.4 billion into the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT). This funding is earmark-free and ensures that the department has the flexibility needed to invest in the most effective transportation and construction projects across the state.

Senate Bill 3120 is a supplemental appropriation to MDOT which gives the department additional funding to tackle a range of major road, bridge, port, rail, and airport improvements across Mississippi. The legislation commits $450 million for capacity projects (a full list can be found below), $100 million for the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund which supports local projects, $30 million for new multimodal fund (ports, airports, and rail), and $40 million in federal matching funds.

During a February press conference, Governor Reeves called for an investment by the legislature into additional capacity projects to jumpstart infrastructure improvements across the state.

The legislature answered that call and committed $450 million additional dollars to fund existing shovel-ready projects that were not currently funded in MDOT’s three-year plan.

This investment from Senate Bill 3120 will help fund:

  • US 49 in Harrison County
  • SR 15 in Tippah County
  • SR 2 in Tippah County
  • SR 19 in Neshoba County
  • I-20 in Warren County (Flowers Interchange)
  • US 90 in Jackson County

House Bill 1642 can be read in full here.

Senate Bill 3120 can be read in full here.

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