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Now is the perfect time to adopt a pet in Mississippi (or anywhere)

Many people are stuck at home right now, so what better time than the present to adopt a pet?

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about it for a while, but here are a list of reason to convince you that what you need is a new furry friend.

Pets lower blood pressure.

It’s a proven fact that having a dog or cat can help lower stress levels and blood pressure, which are undoubtedly high during a worldwide pandemic.

Pets help with depression.

Dogs and cats seem to have an inherent sense of when their owner is feeling down. They can provide soothing cuddles and kisses to lift your spirits Pets make us laugh! A silly, clumsy puppy or a playful kitten are hilarious, but even adult pets can be very funny. Anyone who’s ever seen a happy dog, chasing a ball, with its tongue flopping from its mouth can attest to this.

Rescues and shelters need you to save them!

Especially in the south, shelters and rescues are overrun with adoptable pets, and the pandemic has done nothing to slow the intake of strays down. In order to keep euthanasia rates low, people need to adopt pets and shelters and rescues have plenty for you to choose from!

In conclusion, adoption rates are at an all time high right now because people are realizing how important having a pet is to get through this difficult time. Why not save a furry friend to be by your side?

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