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MSFA instructors move quickly, save a life 

Seven-year-old Ethan Salina was rescued by Mississippi State Fire Academy (MSFA) Instructors after he became unresponsive Sunday, April 2.  

MSFA was at a local YMCA in Jackson, as instructors were conducting a swim test for an in-house Surface Water & Swift Water Rescue Technician program when the lifeguard noticed Ethan was not moving and began blowing a whistle.  

MSFA instructors responded immediately and helped pull an unresponsive Ethan out of the pool and began treatment.  Shortly after beginning treatment, he became responsive and breathing on his own.  Ethan was then transported by ambulance, intubated, and treated for injuries. 

Over the next few days, MSFA Instructors kept in touch with the Salina family for updates on his status.  

Ethan had been extubated and alert.  He remembered everything that happened: after jumping in the pool, Ethan made it to the bottom, and after pushing off the pool floor, he hit his head.  The next thing he remembered was our MSFA instructors encouraging him as they were treating him. 

The young boy was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon April 5.

The timing of the incident could not have been more significant.  The instructors, who constantly train multiple rescue scenarios are also continually refreshing their own skills.  The MSFA instructors who were on scene are also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and one Paramedic.  They were able to pull him out of the water and, once on the pool deck, assess and begin treatment.

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