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$400,780 Mississippi Match 5 Jackpot Hit

Back-to-back triples in Cash 3

Headquarters was hopping Monday morning, April 10, after one winner hit the Mississippi Match 5 jackpot Saturday night and back-to-back triples were randomly drawn in Cash 3.

One player matched all five numbers from the Saturday, April 8, Mississippi Match 5 drawing to win $400,780.26. The winning ticket was purchased from Double Quick #53 in Durant. The winning numbers drawn were 11-15-21-32-35. The jackpot for tomorrow’s drawing has reset to an estimated $50,000.

More than 1,300 Cash 3 players were big winners when “trips” hit in the Friday, April 7, Cash 3 evening drawing (7-7-7 and Fireball of 0) and in the Saturday, April 8, midday drawing (3-3-3 and Fireball of 1).

“Quads” – four like numbers drawn – and “trips” – three like numbers drawn – are popular number choices for Cash 4 and Cash 3 players. When those numbers are randomly drawn, the payouts are big.

Since the launch of Cash 4 in January 2022, quads have hit five times. Trips have hit 13 times for Cash 3, which launched in September 2020.

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