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Most popular baby boy names in Mississippi in the 1990s

If you are a man in Mississippi who was born in the 1990s and your first name is Christopher, James, William, Joshua, or Michael, your first name is one of the top five first names for boys born during that decade.

Stacker did a survey of the top 50 boy first names in the 90s and the results are printed here.

Christopher was the most popular boy name in Mississippi in the 90s, according to the survey. It was also the second most chosen name nationally.

Second was James, which was the 13th-most popular name nationally. William was the third most popular name for boys in Mississippi and was 18th in the nation.

Fourth was Joshua, which was also ranked fourth among babies born in the nation during the decade, and fifth in the state was Michael, which is the most popular name for boys in the United States.

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