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Insure your pool this summer

Thursday, June 20 marks the first day of summer but many Mississippians have been taking advantage of warm weather for weeks. If you have a pool or are thinking of adding one, there are insurance needs you should consider.

  • Some companies may not cover your pool if you don’t have safety measures like fences or a pool cover.
  • You should make sure your homeowners policy has enough personal liability coverage, in case a visitor is hurt at your pool.
  • Many policies don’t cover gradual leaks. Leaks should be repaired quickly to avoid water damage to your home.
  • In-ground pools are considered part of your home and covered under your homeowners policy.
  • An above-ground pool is consider personal property and you may need extra coverage for that.

While it may be tempting to cancel an insurance policy during the “off-season” to save money, keeping your coverage protects your items from damage year-round. In addition to pools, consider coverage for boats and jet skis.

Summer travel may also mean renting a car and the rental company may ask you to purchase insurance through them.

  • Consider how much the rental insurance costs.
  • Research your credit card coverage.
  • Get familiar with your personal auto policy.
  • Consider gaps in coverage.
  • Talk to your insurance agent.

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