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Harvard Official Predicts Mississippi to Become Number One in COVID Cases Per Capita

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Director of the Harvard Global Health Institute Ashish K. Jha predicted that the State of Mississippi will soon have the highest cases per capita in the United States.

Jha laid out many reasons for the Magnolia State’s rapidly rise in coronavirus cases, including heavily attacking testing rates and the state’s rank of number one in test positivity.

“First, data. Compared to two weeks ago, Mississippi testing [is] down 8% while cases [are] up 37%. So that means test positivity is up. Way up. Actually [the] highest in the nation at 22%. Hospitalizations are up [and the] daily death toll [is] up nearly 2X in [the] past 2 weeks.”

Jha also attacked the state’s lack of serious restrictions on bars, restaurants, and retail stores.

“Much of Mississippi remains open. Bars, restaurants are open with only modest limits. Retail [stores] are largely open. No statewide mask mandate (but do for many counties). Many schools are struggling to figure out how to open soon.”

Governor Tate Reeves has not issued a mask mandate for 31 counties, and he continues to be heavily against a second shelter-in-place of the state.

Reeves stated, “The vast majority of Mississippians are small business owners and folks who work in small businesses, whereby if they don’t show up to work, they don’t get paid. If they don’t get paid, they can’t put food on the table for their kids and grandkids.”

One thought on “Harvard Official Predicts Mississippi to Become Number One in COVID Cases Per Capita

  • We HAVE to move into 10 or less groups in Mississippi (and even with that, prevent touch and watch air space). This includes walmarts, lowes, krogers, and other massive businesses that host hundreds in their stores at one time. Churches need to restructure and meet in small groups (possibly homes with 2 or 3 families). Eating establishments allow only less than 10 inside, -but unlimited outside, ……bars the same, outside business ok as usual, but not more than 10 inside. Masks that people are wearing are a joke. The only mask that is reliable for self protections is an authentic n95.

    We can not do life and business as usual as we have the past 10 years. Our stats this month alone already proves that. Large groups, and non n95 mask use is what will kill our state (literally)

    We either take the above precautions or let Covid run its course until everyone gets it and recovers or sadly, dies from it.


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