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April Scratch-Offs Load the Bases for Lottery Retailers

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Coming soon: NASCAR Powerball Playoff race to $1 million

Don’t balk at the three new scratch-off games rolling into Mississippi Lottery retailers April 2. With plenty of variety, they’re sure to score home runs with all players.

The starting lineup is the $2 Home Run Riches with approximate overall odds of 1:4.94 and top prizes of $20,000. On deck is the $3 Bingo Mania with approximate overall odds of 1:4.03 and top prizes of $30,000. Fans of extended play-style scratch-off games will enjoy this fresh take on Bingo. Not to be left in the outfield is $5 Fun 5s with approximate overall odds of 1:4.31 and top prizes of $100,000. This game provides three ways to play and three ways to win – a perfect game.

2024 NASCAR Powerball Playoff

Winding up on March 27, the Mississippi Lottery will announce the details surrounding the 2024 NASCAR Powerball Playoff™️. The wildly successfully promotion of 2023 saw Mississippi’s Stephanie Walker win the $1 million top prize on the national stage at the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race™ broadcast live from Phoenix. Stay tuned for details.

Jackpot Update

The jackpot for tonight’s Mega Millions® drawing is an estimated $1.1 billion, with an estimated cash value of $525.8 million. This is the fifth largest jackpot in the game’s history. The jackpot for the Powerball® drawing Wednesday, March 27, is an estimated $865 million, with an estimated cash value of $416.1 million. The jackpot for tonight’s Mississippi Match 5 is an estimated $122,000.

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