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Presley pledges to slash taxes for Mississippi families

In Gulfport Wednesday, June 14, Democratic candidate for governor Brandon Presley released the first plank of his “Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs” plan to cut taxes so that working families can have a little more breathing room as they face higher prices at the grocery store and at the gas pump.  

“Our state can do so much better if we have new leadership that serves the people, so I’m here today to share my plan to unleash Mississippi’s economic potential and put more money back in your pocket,” said Presley. “I’m here to talk about something that you almost never hear national Democrats talk about: cutting taxes.” 

The first plank of Presley’s plan includes: 

  • Eliminating the grocery tax
  • Cutting the car tag fee in half

Presley said that Mississippi has the highest grocery tax in the nation while neighboring states like Alabama are set to cut the grocery tax in half in the midst of higher costs at the grocery store. 

A 2021 study from U.S. News and World Report found that Mississippi is the fifth-most expensive state to own a car. 

“The first plank of my ‘Cutting Taxes, Creating Jobs’ plan would eliminate the grocery tax, which is the highest in the country, and cut car tag fees in half,” said Presley. “These are taxes that hit Mississippi families in the teeth.”

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