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Congress Reaches Agreement on $900 Million Stimulus Package

After months of tireless negotiations and constant bickering, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are finally prepared to agree to a massive stimulus package in continued attempts to restore the economy from being hit by COVID-19.

Despite it coming in short of the landmark deal that was passed in April, the package will put money directly into the pockets of many struggling Americans while also helping assist in vaccine distribution.

Single Americans will receive $600 if their salary does not exceed $75,000 while married couples with a household salary of up to $150,000 can receive $1,200.

A bonus of $300 will also be added to federal unemployment benefits for the next 11 weeks, which comes halfway under the $600 that was granted in April.

Also, the following measures of spending are also included in the package:

$284 billion in loans for struggling businesses and vaccine distribution.
$82 billion in funding for colleges & schools.
$25 billion in rental assistance & eviction moratorium extension.

The package now just approval and a signature from President Trump on Monday.

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