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Vardaman High School closed due to storm damage, flooding Wednesday morning

Vardaman High School has been closed due to storm damage and flooding Wednesday morning according to the local sheriffs department and the Calhoun County school district.

From CCSD:

Due to confirmed storm damage to the Vardaman campuses, there will be no school at Vardaman Elementary or Vardaman High School tomorrow. As of now, Bruce and Calhoun City Schools will operate as normal.

From the Calhoun County Sheriffs office:

Extensive storm damage to the Vardaman Schools and surrounding areas this morning.

Shortly before 1 a.m., a severe thunderstorm passed through town, causing significant damage to the school, including extensive damage to an exterior wall.

“We are still assessing everything, of course it’s still preliminary,” said Calhoun County School District Superintendent Lisa Langford.

There have also been widespread reports of flooding throughout the county.

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