Driving decisions being made for summer travel

As plans are being finalized for their Fourth of July travel, drivers are finding the best deals for gasoline are right here in the Magnolia State. 

A new report says Mississippi has the lowest average gasoline price per gallon, on average at $3.03 a gallon as of late May when the survey was taken.  As of June 25, the average price in Mississippi had dropped to $2.92 a gallon, according to AAA.

The report comes from American Trucks, which surveyed over 1,000 Americans about how much they allocate to gasoline, options on gas prices, and how the current prices affect their summer travel plans.  

According to the American Trucks report, the average price of a gallon of gas in the U.S. is $3.58, with Californians paying the highest average price at $5.10. On average, Americans spend $1,712 annually ($143 monthly) on gas; this represents roughly three percent of their annual income. The survey said Americans believe that a gallon of gas should cost $2.37 per gallon, or roughly 37 percent less than what they are currently paying 

Meanwhile, 23 percent of Americans are holding back on summer travel and/or road trips due to gas prices.

For this study, American Trucks leveraged AAA resources to gather prices of regular gasoline in every state on May 29. Note that gas prices are subject to change.

American Trucks surveyed 1,006 Americans who own a car about their gas-filling habits and sentiments. Of the respondents, 50 percent identified as millennials, 29 percent as Gen X, 11 percent as baby boomers, and 10 percent as Gen Z.

An additional 1,005 Americans who own a car were asked about their July 4 travel plans. Of these respondents, 47 percent identified as Gen X, 42 percent identified as millennials, six percent identified as baby boomers, and five percent identified as Gen Z.

Credit: American Trucks survey

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