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Wild hog program in Mississippi

Wild hogs are a non-native invasive species that have been spreading at an alarming rate throughout North America.

When, where, and how is it appropriate to dispatch a wild hog? If hunting on a Wildlife Management Area (WMA), the general rule is that hogs may be dispatched during daylight hours only during any open season on a WMA with weapons and ammunition legal for that season. Refer to the WMA’s rules and regulations for rules specific to the WMA you will be hunting. If hunting on private lands, you are allowed to use a weapon of choice at any time. However, if you are going to be using firearms during nighttime hours, it is encouraged to alert your local sheriff’s department ahead of time.

For more information on the Wild Hog Program – https://www.mdwfp.com/wildlife-hunting/wild-hog-program/ 

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