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Saltillo Pharmacy Warns of Potential Scam

On Wednesday, Saltillo Pharmacy and Solutions warned clients of a potential scam involving payment information.

The scam includes someone of a foreign accent calling customers, and “informing” them of their readied prescriptions. They will then be asked to pay over the phone.

The full statement can be read below:

“We have been notified that someone with a foreign accent is calling saying they are Saltillo Pharmacy.”

“They are saying that you have prescriptions ready and would you like to pay over the phone. Don’t give them any information. We haven’t had anyone call us locally saying this has happened, they have all been out of state so far.”

“We have reported it to the public service commissioner. If someone does call you from the pharmacy make sure you are talking to someone you are familiar with. If you are still uncomfortable hang up and call us back at the pharmacy and ask for someone you know.”

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