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Mississippi Lottery Corporation reaches $2 billion in gross sales

More than half-billion dollars returned to the State

Approaching its fifth year of sales November 2024, the Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) has announced it has surpassed the $2 billion mark in gross sales.

“These four years have passed in a flurry of excitement and growth,” said MLC President Jeff Hewitt. “Reaching the $2 billion mark is an incredible accomplishment, and we are excited about continuing our growth and success into Year 5.”

With sales reaching this level, the MLC has returned more than half-billion dollars to the State of Mississippi for roads, bridges and education since sales began Nov. 25, 2019. Direct beneficiaries include more than $377 million to the Highway Fund and more than $142 million to the Education Enhancement Fund.

Dr. Mike McGrevey, chairman of the MLC Board of Directors, reiterated the success of reaching $2 billion in gross sales and the lottery’s continued success.

“Enthusiastic retailers, loyal players, dedicated Lottery employees and knowledgeable vendors have all contributed to the success of the MLC,” said Dr. McGrevey. “Given the achievements so far and the plans for the future, I sincerely believe the Mississippi Lottery will continue to be a winner for Mississippi.”

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