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MHSAA Releases Guidelines for Fall Sports

The Mississippi High School Activities Association released guidelines to be complied with in fall competition for all member schools that choose to participate.

For instance, all events will have a “no mask, no entry” policy to fans and media. Along with that, all workers in concession, ticketing, and on-field must be screened prior to the event’s commencement.

Also, all works in concessions and ticketing will be required to wear a mask and gloves at any and all points of the event. Condiments in concessions must be in single-serve packets.

Clock operators and public address announcers will be the only people allowed in press boxes at any time. Also, the PA must consistently make announcements to remind fans about social distancing procedures.

Dressing rooms must be sanitized before and after every contest. They must also be large enough to accommodate social distancing for players and coaches.

Loitering and congregation by spectators and workers must be discouraged by the home team.

Away team bands and dance teams will only be allowed to travel at the approval of the home team.

The entire list of procedures and precautions can be found at: https://www.misshsaa.com/2020/07/28/mhsaa-school-guidelines-for-fall-sports/

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