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Lynn Jones: The best performance in a supporting role

Every year at the Academy Awards, Oscars are passed out to the best actor and actress in a starring role. But then there are also some other awards that are passed out. They are the awards for best performances in a supporting role. While those who appear in supporting roles may not garner as much attention, they are very important to the success of the movie.

Lynn Jones

That’s the way it is today in life. There are many people who are not stars. They never receive much attention for who they are or what they do. At best, they perform in ‘supporting roles.”

But I want you to know today that whatever the role God has assigned to you, it is a vital role. You may not appear very important to the world, but you are important to God and to other people around you. I want to challenge you to be faithful in carrying out your role—to give your best in performing that supporting role today.

When you examine the drama of the early church in the New Testament, you will discover that some were willing to do so. In the Book of Acts, it is no question who the star is.  Paul is the star.  He played the most crucial role in that great drama of the early church. He emerged as the central figure in the early church, and his story is told in great detail in the last half of the Book of Acts.

But in the beginning of his story, he was surrounded by people who gave great performances in supporting roles. Paul’s name is first mentioned in connection with the death of Stephen in Acts 7. Paul was present when Stephen was being stoned to death for his faithfulness to the gospel, and he could never forget that faithfulness.

Later, Paul was saved on the road to Damascus. He was blinded by the brilliant light that he had seen and was led into the city of Damascus. According to Acts 9:11, Paul went to the house of a Christian named Judas who lived on Straight Street. While Paul was there, he was visited by another Christian living in Damascus whose name was Ananias. It was Ananias who laid his hands on Paul and helped him regain his sight.

Stephen, Judas, Ananias—three men who were not the stars of the show, but who played vital, supporting roles in the drama surrounding Paul.

I believe that God is still looking for Christians who will be faithful in some supporting roles in life. There are not many starring roles available. For every starring role, there are dozens of supporting roles and bit parts that need to be filled. God knows the importance of your work. I challenge you to be dependable and faithful in playing the role He has assigned you!

Lynn Jones is a retired pastor who lives in Oxford. He does supply preaching for churches in his area and often serves as an interim pastor. Jones is also an author, has written two books and writes a weekly newspaper column. He may be contacted at: kljones45@yahoo.com.

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