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Lineman Appreciation Day in Mississippi

The Mississippi Public Service Commission has officially declared April 18 as Lineman Appreciation Day in the state of Mississippi. This proclamation recognizes the hard work, dedication and essential role that linemen play in ensuring the reliable delivery of electricity to the residents and businesses of Mississippi. Click to view a special message from your Commissioners.

“Linemen are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly, often in challenging and hazardous conditions, to maintain and repair the electrical infrastructure,” Chairman Chris Brown said. “Their expertise and commitment are vital in restoring power during outages caused by storms, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.”

“Linemen are the backbone of our electrical system,” Central District Commissioner De’Keither Stamps said. “They work day and night, often in dangerous conditions, to keep the lights on for our communities. This proclamation is a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.”

“Lineman Appreciation Day serves as an opportunity to honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of linemen to the safety, comfort and well-being of the citizens of Mississippi,” Southern District Commissioner Wayne Carr said. “It is a day to express gratitude for their sacrifice, bravery and professionalism.”

The Mississippi Public Service Commission invites the public to join them in expressing heartfelt appreciation to the linemen on April 18 and throughout the year. Let us recognize their dedication and commend them for their unwavering commitment to the reliable delivery of electricity.

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