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Pinkins promotes 330 Finance Council initiative

From Pinkins for Senate campaign

Democratic candidate Ty Pinkins, running to represent Mississippi in the U.S. Senate, has introduced a fresh initiative aiming to raise over a million dollars by March 30. The 330 Finance Council was established to create a dependable donor base in Mississippi, supporting current campaigns and laying the groundwork for future electoral victories.

Pinkins stated, “This initiative is focused on constructing a resilient infrastructure that will empower our community and candidates in upcoming elections, ensuring our values are represented across all government levels.”

The initiative necessitates the backing of 330 individuals ready to donate or raise $3,300 each, reaching the maximum individual donation limit before the March 30 deadline.

Pinkins emphasized, “This objective transcends mere financial targets; it signifies a collaborative effort to drive a movement capable of bringing about transformative change.”

Pinkins will compete against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Roger Wicker in the November elections. His objectives include advocating for legislation that benefits small-family farmers, creating new job opportunities, lowering unemployment rates, and enhancing education. He prioritizes providing healthcare access and insurance to Mississippi residents, advocating for Medicaid expansion pending state Legislature approval. Furthermore, he stresses voting rights and supports simpler voter registration processes like same-day registration.

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