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Reeves Reveals Unemployed Mississippians to Likely Receive $300 from Trump Stipend

Reeves revealed on Thursday that Mississippians that have been unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic will most likely receive $300 of the possible $400 of added unemployment benefits coming from President Trump’s stipend.

However, Reeves made sure to advise citizens to go back to work if they are able.

“If you get an offer to go back to your old job, or to get a new job, please do so. We don’t know when this will run out, but there is a set amount of money and it’s highly likely the money will run out soon.”

Trump’s order requires states to “match.” States must choose between providing $100 a week in unemployment benefits, which would bring the total aid to $400, or to count unemployment benefits they are currently paying out toward the $100 requirement.

Mississippi will be performing the latter, which is why unemployed people will receive $300 a week instead of $400.

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